Sunshine Coast a top performer…

The Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions are the top two performers for the rental market in Queensland according to the latest REIQ Queensland Market Monitor.  The tightest rental markets in Queensland were Caloundra and Noosa, both recording vacancy rates of 1.2 percent for the September quarter.  Anyone looking for a rental home would agree with those statistics, as would local agents – most tenants are having to apply for a number of properties before locking in a rental agreement.

Across the rest of Queensland, the trend is less in favour of investors.  With the exception of the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Cairns, statistics are showing more tenants breaking leases and becoming owners as they take advantage of the low interest rate environment. Investors have also had an opportunity to win here though, as those who re-corrected their loans in line with the current interest rates have seen their income improve despite negative growth in their weekly rent.

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