Why partner with us

Our philosophy is simple…

… we want you to enjoy the property investing experience.

Why us? What makes us different to the multitudes of agencies out there lining the streets, with their window cards, their ‘for rent’ signs, their websites and their well-intentioned agents?

It’s a great question and for us, it’s a little hard to define….because it’s not just one thing. It’s many things…

We know that you have a lot of choice of real estate agents in the local area and we know that you can get access to the same computer systems and advertising portals with whomever you choose.  What’s the difference then between agencies?  It’s the people….but more than that, it’s the passion that the people have about the business.  That’s where we’re different.  Our people are truly passionate about delivering an enjoyable experience.

We carefully select people-people – those people who naturally want to do their very best by their clients.  We then invest significantly to continuously train and provide opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally.

We get it.  Peace of mind in Property Management is paramount.  In fact, a survey of thousands of Landlords told us it’s their number one priority.  When designing our systems and procedures, there was only one thought in our mind…you.  Every process and procedure is tested by asking, ‘does this make our clients’ lives better and or easier?  How can we improve this?’

The result is we’re client focused, partnering with you to help you make better decisions for quicker resolutions and the best results…ultimately, for an enjoyable experience.

Communication is key to a respectful and successful partnership.  With Living Here Advantage, your days of chasing the rent are over.  We’ll keep you informed every step of the way with quality conversations, so that you have the right advice to make the right decisions, first time.

Give us a go…the grass really is greener.